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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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kimber kimberly, robin kelly, a champ. catherine. the new york city urban debate league. my nephew garrett. the liberal panel, boo. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. tonight on "red eye" a rand paul aid and a marco rubio staffer in an allout brawl. reagan's 11th commandment didn't say anything about fist to cuff. and why he relates to the character in "citizen cane." and firing waitresses who gain weight. don't worry, patrons. the buffet is open for you. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. pope francis spinning his first night in havana. the pope arriving in the cuban
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capital earlier today. the vatican estimates 100,000 people lined his motorcade route from the airport. the pope urging the u.s. and cuba to push ahead on the path to normalizing relations, adding recent developments have given him hope. next week, he'll arrive in the u.s. for a six-day visit. stops include washington, d.c., new york city and philadelphia. the week will end with mass in philadelphia. more than 1 million people are expected to attend. best-selling novelist jackie collins has died of breast cancer. she passed away today in los angeles. collins was known for writing about the glamorous lives of the rich and famous. one of her best-known works, "hollywood wives," sold more than 15 million copies. her family issuing a statement saying "we already miss her beyond words." she was the sister of actress joan collins. jackie collins was 77. a landscaper is being held on $1 million bail in connection with a series of shootings on phoenix freeways.
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he is facing a number of charges, he was quiet during court proceedings today, but did ask to address the court. >> all i have to say, i'm the wrong guy. i've tried telling the detectives that. my gun's been in a pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't had access to a weapon. folks from middleton california heading home. the evacuation order from a massive wildfire has been lifted. two northern california wildfires have destroyed more than 1,000 homes and killed five people. the valley fire is nearly half contained. while the butte fire is 67% contained. i'm robert gray. now read aye. red eye. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy in the "red eye" news deck. >> great to see you, tom. >> great to see you, andy.
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i'm a little surprised to hear you say that. >> it is national respect day. >> that explains it. >> in honor of national respect day i would like to say it is a pleasure working with you. >> thank you, andy. >> i would also like to respectfully say you are doing a great job hosting the show. >> that's nice to hear. >> and lastly should you choose to do so i would respectfully agree with your decision to go to hell, tom shillue. >> let's welcome our guests. some day she may run for office, but it won't be in a straight line. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. he is no jody, but he will have to do. my second favorite foster. free think producer camille foster. she writes for a magazine. for millennial viewers, that's the thing you see in the doctor's office. editor of national review, e lliana johnson. and like most fans he waited until his 50s to move out of the basement.
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host of the pod cast anthony kumea. let's start the show. the thrilla in manila and the rumble in the jungle and now -- >> on thur night a group of staffers for various republican candidates gathered at a bar on the macinack island. what was supposed to be an evening of comradery turned into something much, much more fun, a fight. sort of anyway. about 3:00 a.m -- what else is on at 3:00 a.m.? [laughing]. rand paul's national political director talked about the deputy campaign manager saying he literally physically assaulted me by punching me in the face. the state police are looking for him. i have it on video from
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multiple angles. the video of the brawl quickly surfaced. >> now that either wasn't the right tape or it was from a weird angle. can we try that again? that's it. that was it. maybe it is better in serious slow motion.>> wow. >> great technique. >> wasn't that vicious? camille, it seems making mountains out of mole hills, right? what were they serving over there? >> it does seem like it. and to read the account of the policemen who were involved in receiving the report from this staffer who was very shaken by
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all of this, it sounds leak they were ridiculing him. this is barely a fight. it looked kind of libeling a shove. the real problem is they will lose the vote of all of the people who abide by the code of the street which is you don't snitch. why would you run to the cops to talk about this altercation that took place? you just handle your business. don't go to the cops. you can't snitch. >> that's it. anthony, why don't men handle their problems the way hamilton did with burr? it is 20 paces. >> take the glove off and a little smack in the face and you go to the woods, boom, and everything is taken care of. you are making light of this, i think, and it is a serious matter. if you would turned up the volume you would have heard that it was quite the altercation. the mean streets of mack nie ack -- is that what it is? >> yeah, a mackinack island.
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that sounds like a brawly place. this is one of the,000 of nonstories that go around. they are trying to, i guess, pump up the competition between these guys. that wasn't a fight. it was a push. >> don't you think instead of tweeting about this and calling the police they could have gone outside at the smore pit and shared marshmellows? >> isn't that how we should solve our problems? >> i think we should turn it back on the guy who snitched, right? i am mixing them up. >> it was rand paul's guy who is the snitch. >> rand paul's guy is the snitch? of all people. >> i like the according to him there was a full scale manhunt underway for the rubio staffer, and then the police chief said he worked in detroit for 17 years. so they didn't really consider this to be -- to rise to the level, you know? >> chief brett rac nie to said if anything it was a shove. this thing has been blown way out of proportion.
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>> i am glad it was caught in multiple angles so we can examine the brutality that took place. for anybody who thinks working a presidential campaign is glam russ, i just want to note that this altercation took place at a bar called horns gaslight. >> what does that even mean? is horns the guy's name? joanne, you have been in bar brawls. >> i love when boys fight over me. this has to have been over a girl. what else could it be? it is not like every campaign is like -- it is not like they are trying to tear down the other one. what is interesting is rand paul's guy is using this videotape to make his case. suddenly they are all for surveillance. isn't that interesting?
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there is a little hypocrisy going on. >> he is glad there is an eye in the sky. >> there is already a reality show with trump mixing it up. this is just their answer to when snooki got pumped in -- punched in the bar. >> i think all candidates and aides should have a go pro strapped on at all tipless -- times so we can see what is going on. an old interview surfaced in which trump gives thoughtful analysis of one of his favorite tv shows "duck tales" take a look. >> the wealth, the sorrow, the unhappiness, the happiness struck lots of different notes. i think you learn that maybe wealth isn't everything. he had the wealth, but he didn't have the happiness. in real life i believe wealth does in fact isolate you from other people. it is a protective mechanism.
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you have your guard up much more so than you would if you didn't have wealth. >> isn't that so true? we obviously had a little fun there. trump was talking about his favorite movie "citizen cane." the interview in 2002 was originally intended for that year's oscars. now let's watch more of the real one. >> "citizen cane" was really about accumulation. at the end of the accumulation you see what happens, and it is not necessarily all positive. i think you learn in cane that maybe wealth isn't everything because he had the wealth, but he didn't have the happiness. >> trump also talks about the table. >> the table getting larnler and larger and larger with he and his wife getting further and further apart. as he got wealthier and wealthier.
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perhaps i can understand that. >> it is poignant. and one last question. >> if you can give charles foster cane advice, what would you say to him? >> get yourself a different woman. >> wow. >> a lot of pain in that. >> isn't there a lot of pain? camille, this is the kind of thing that makes trump seem more human, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. he was actually a human being. it is a pit he left all -- pity he left it all behind. >> where do you sit on "citizen cane"? >> watching this was revealing. i feel like i know donald trump a little better. it does feel like he very much identifies with mr. cane and i suspect he actually is a bit sad inside for various
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reasons. >> that's what the whole campaign is about. >> now you don't need to be rich anymore. >> we haven't seen that side of him. what do you think 2015 trump would say about 2002 trump? >> i think they are still the same person. i am one of the people who said the guy really is some sort of a genius in all of the attention he has attracted. i think we saw some of the deep insights he is capable of. and he really has taped into something. now it is really people and revollion and people's feeling they are oppressed by political correctness. but back then he has great insights. >> is that the core of it? you think trump's support is sick and tired of the political correctness? you think that's the issue? >> i think that's part of it. i think the larger issue is he is tapped into people's distrust of institutions everywhere. they don't trust financial institutions. they don't trust political institutions. you can see it in ferguson. there is no trust for police anymore. trump has taped into that and said let's blow it all off.
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>> that's insightful. anthony, what do you think? could he attract -- in that case if it is institutions of all kind including the police and things like that, could he attract left and right? >> yeah, i think so. that was interesting to see though. that was trump post 9/11. you can't really bash the government like he is doing now. they are all incompetent. that would be unamerican. now trump would say let me tell you the subtle details and symbolism of "porkies." that trump is gone. he is a thing of the past. >> what did you do for that whole year? >> it was very hard to make any jokes. the first thing we did to make fun again was we took some of these tributes that they made for 9/11 and it was like yeah, the towers -- what they did was so wrong.
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>> it kind of brought us back into making some jokes. >> wasn't it fun to have the first laugh? >> it was amazing. we can do this after all. >> have you seen "citizen cane"? >> no. >> but i hear it is lovely. this just goes to show that oftentimes films people love the most are ones they can relate to the most. there is a character you can identify with which is why i love musical theater people. it is great. i really wish. the main take away we have from this is every time trump speaks he needs that music playing in the background. it instantly humanizes him and you think compassion. >> it is true. they are using the wonderfully haunting scores. pepper is getting salty. the japanese robot that supposedly can read human emotions is getting a makeover for the american debut.
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bowing will be replaced by high five's and plightness by sarcasm and snark. they say in japan they have a cute centri-culture it is silly and cute. in the u.s. we have a c3po idea where he is snarky and smart. the company doesn't want people having sex with pepper. a clause in the contract forbids acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent behavior or the purpose of associating with unacquainted persons of the object sit sex. buzz kill. listen, i am all for robot sex as long as it is consensual. >> i am so hot for you. you are so beautiful. >> access denied. >> you are so sexy. >> access denied. >> tell me about your day, honey. >> access granted. >> it is universal, isn't it?
8:16 pm
you told me in the dressing room that you canceled your order for the robot when you found out sex was prohibited. >> oh yeah, i was thinking that if the asian version of the robot eats rice and plays a string instrument and does math problems then the american version eats dorritos and burps on the couch. what is it going to do? the people in japan don't really have sex. their fertility is on the decline. there it won't be a problem, but here it may be a problem. >> they are having sex, but not reproducing. >> no. that's the only reason you have sex, tom. >> for me, that's true. i thought it was interesting that the robot maker admitted that japanese is a cutsie culture. it would seem racist if we say that. >> thig is anyway. japanese people live in japan. hey! hey! easy with that. easy with the geographical
8:17 pm
hate. >> i was looking -- now i didn't even think about sex when i was watching the video. the dexterity in the fingers and the robot looks amazing. until they said you can't have sex with it i said how can i have sex with it? >> why not? why can't i? >> and then i started thinking the hands are very dexterous. >> you signed a contract and that would make you want to go in for some. camille, do we need a snarky robot? we have snarky people in america. >> a snarky robot you can have sex with. the language snuck in the contract to tempt people to do that and perhaps japanese are into cute things, but they have a weird robot sex fetish. and there is a port there that you can remove and totally have sex with the robot. >> you can insert a flesh light in there. those things you know that i am not familiar with at all.
8:18 pm
>> i don't think c3po was snarky. i thought he was proper. >> it depends on the situation. siri always says -- she surprises me. to combine the ?ark and the actions -- the snark with the actions, nobody wants a high five afterwards. >> i don't need a protocol droid. >> when they asked if it was a terminator it said do i have to answer that? that's not a good companion. >> that's mean. >> terminators, i like it. >> you have seen that? >> yeah. >> as opposed to the broadway musical. >> coming up, the courts say it is okay for casinos to only hire skinny babes. that's judicial activism i can
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casino and spa can continue to set weight limits for cocktail waitresses. 21 sued saying the policy which forbids the babes from gaining or losing 7% of their body weight was discriminatory. the casino describes her as part fashion model and part charming hostess. i can't decide which part i like the best. the casino's vice president and legal council says we are
8:23 pm
pleased that they agreed with the prior rulings and that the policy is lawful and nondiscriminatory to women. but of course it is discriminatory in the best possible way. they have to be bathed and really every job listing is discriminatory. if you want a lifeguard you have to discriminate against people who can't swim. if you are looking for a chef you have to eliminate people who don't foe how to cook. here is to you, borgada babe. stay plus or minus 7%. and play your part in helping to separate anthony from his pod casting fortune. >> anthony, i assume this decision is as welcome to you as you are to the casino staff. >> yes, a slow clap for this decision. look, if i'm losing a few grand at the table there over at the borgada at blackjack, the least they can do is serve me a drink via a beautiful girl.
8:24 pm
they do. i have seen it before. they are fantastic. i have been to other casinos closer to the boardwalk and it is like, can i have a drink, nana? it takes away from my experience. it is part of the hotel. it is part of the marketing. >> are you going to tell ace rothstein he is wrong? lose the weight, honey. >> should people -- should businesses be allowed to discriminate? >> without a doubt, but i think that this is perhaps a loss. beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. sometimes a little larger over time. >> some people like the bigger gals. >> some people like that. >> so if they like that -- >> they go down the street to the other casino. >> that's entirely possible. so this casino is in big trouble. did you see how i did that? >> joanne -- you probably hang with a lot of the attractive cocktail waitress staff --
8:25 pm
>> what are you trying to say? >> a lot of your friends are attractive cocktail staff. >> i love the water club at the borgada. it is really nice. what is interesting is one of the best poker champions -- poker players in the world recently had a claim saying that borgada's women, these babes, are trying to distract him from the game. so maybe we should let them gain about 8% of their body weight so then maybe these poker players will come and continue to give their business to these casinos. it could be hurting them more than helping them. >> the girls are distracting them from gambling? >> allegedly, yeah. it can be distracting because they are so beautiful. >> true story. i was at the borgada with my girlfriend of nine years. i was playing blackjack in the high roller section. a waitress came over and gave me a drink and said you are distractingly attractive.
8:26 pm
my girlfriend said i am going to leave. i said here is the key. she said no, i am going to move out and i am leaving you. that was one of the last straws was the borgada babe. >> and do you know how much money you have to lose to be a high roller? maybe she was out when she figured that out. >> maybe she noticed the the income that was out going. >> you probably never worked as a cocktail waitress, but you probably know your way around a cocktail as you were talking before the show. >> i want to know, these waitress outfits, are tight fitting corsets and stockings and little skirts, but what kind of heavy set woman would insist on coming to work in such an outfit and not consider it a humiliation? that's what i am not picking up on. >> who are these gals who want to work there -- >> and wear a corset to work and stockings. >> why the stockings? i don't love that look.
8:27 pm
>> i think it is a consistency thing. legs can be pretty pale and then they can be tan and everything in between. like the heavy -- like those things at hooters. i i don't like them either. >> but they all look the same. >> i am not much of a gambler. i take 300 bucks to vegas and plan to lose it before i get there and always do. >> you make a good income and then you lose -- it seems -- i never gambled. what is it about the gam brig? >> it is the rush, the excite -- the excite -- excitement. >> the penny slots. >> eventually you will win the big one. >> overall up or down in your career. >> everyone is down. >> he's a high roller. he is so far down. >> everyone is down. coming up, is the glass half empty or half full or. more half time with tv's andy levy. stay tuned.
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you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. europe's migrant crisis tibs. around 10,000 people flooding into austria today after being shuffled from one country to another. hungary's decision to shut its border with serbia set off a chain reaction in both croatia
8:32 pm
and slovenia. hungary's foreign minister accusing croatia of dumping hundreds of migrants in its country without permission. blaming croatia to fulfill its europe responsibilities. many migrants coming from syria where fighting continues. the u.n.'s humanitarian cheeief says the international community have sent record amounts of aid, but he said it's hard to keep up with needs. aid agencies requesting $7 billion this year but they've only received $2.8 billion. the syrian conflict began four years ago as a popular uprising against president assad. that transformed into civil war. since then, more than 4 million syrians have fled. best-selling novelist jackie collins has died of breast cancer. she passed away today in los angeles. collins was known for writing about the glamorous lives of the rich and famous.
8:33 pm
one of her best known works, "hollywood wives" sold more than 15 million copies. her family issuing a statement saying we already miss her beyond word. jackie collins was 77. the first recording ining ct ever signed by the beatles bring 94,000 bucks at a new york auction house. the 1961 contract was for the rock and roll version of my bonnie lies over the ocean. it was released as a single in germany but led to the group's discovery. the bitter huyer has not been identified. now red eye. news, fox newschannel. welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy. >> hi, tom. how are you? >> good. >> let's get to this amazing political bar fight. >> yes. >> camille, you asked why he would run to the cops in assisted of handling it himself. i believe it was the bar that called the cops.
8:34 pm
>> i think he said he was calling the cops too, right? >> it may have been -- >> this is going to be a huge issue. he at least snitched on social media. >> which is awful. >> what are you doing? >> you didn't even try. >> you asked why he couldn't handle it like a man like hamilton did with burr. it didn't work out well for hamilton. >> there is always one it works out for. >> yes. you said you are glad the punch was caught on multiple angles. was it though? he claimed he had it on multiple angles and we haven't seen that. >> i was being sarcastic because he claimed to have caught it on so many angles and we saw the most pathetic angle. >> you doing that with me on the screen is assault. >> that's pretty much what happened to rand's guy. >> you say it was hipocritical and he is glad about the eye
8:35 pm
in the sky. this was the bar's tape and not the government. >> how do we know that? >> we know. >> how do we know that. >> you are ready to believe that. that's fine. maybe they intentionally made the quality bad so you think it is not the government. >> what? that's possible. >> he also accused his wife of assaulting him. he was arrested twice in 24 days because she called the cops on him. >> and he is still with her? >> circle if it is involved in legal trouble? >> i don't know. i don't think he will have many campaign staffers for much longer. >> ouch. >> can we show the tape again? if we can get it before that. maybe we don't have it. there was something going on in the back. they were walking to the back and then coming back when this
8:36 pm
happened. i want to know what was happening back there. >> dalton was kicking people out . that may have been it. >> rhonda rousey will be reenacting the bar fight. >> trump and citizen cane. what were the great insights about citizen cane? >> i thought his insight as the guy got wealthier -- citizen cane got wealthier and he got further and further from his wife. i thought the insight that wealth can alienate you from the people closest to you was insightful. >> okay. it just seems like a pretty obvious reading of the movie. oh the table got bigger and they were further away. >> it is a metaphor. emotional distance, andy. >> it is pretty obvious. >> emotional distance. >> trump also said rose bud --
8:37 pm
i don't think anybody knows what it means, but it has something to do with childhood and longing for your childhood. >> very insightful. joe you say you haven't seen "citizen cane." do you think he likes "love actually." >> it is one of the best films ever. >> by the way, i thought it was fine trump said get yourself a different woman. i thought it was weird he then added, like my daughter. >> i didn't hear that. >> we might have cut it off before that. >> pepper the row -- pepper the robot. you said they said something in the dressing room. >> it is the green room. >> she didn't tell me that. she told me how much she has a passion for drinking cocktails. >> i just thought maybe you walked into the women's bathroom again.
8:38 pm
>> oh, sorry, honest mistake again. whoops. look what i did on accident. a snarky robot? i am suing the company for grand theft. i am really angry. honestly. i am so mad right now. and it gets worse. a reviewer said, quote, i felt like i was talking with someone with a short attention span that would shout out random bits of trivia. that's my brand. anthony, you with not thinking of having sex with pepper until they said you couldn't. >> camille, you said something about the robot having a port? >> yes. >> is this true? >> i was just making it up. but if you had a drill you could totally make a port in that robot. i mean that whole area, there is a lot of room.
8:39 pm
>> if you have a drill anything can have a port. >> it has wide birthing hips, the robot. >> what? >> let me ask you another question. the contract forbids acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent behave or for the purpose of associating with unacquainted persons of the opposite sex. does that mean you are not supposed to use it to pick someone up? >> you can use it in a relationship that you are already in. >> they support traditional marriage. >> if you are gay you can use it for that. >> apparently they support nontraditional marriage. >> it just seems discriminatory. >> as we know gender is not binary. >> i like what you did there
8:40 pm
with binary. >> got it. >> tom, you said it would be racist if we said they have a cutsie culture. they call it uh kauaiy. it is the hello kiter thing. it is not to be confused with kauai. >> here we call it sex offender. >> let's get to that now on the borgada story. no. i do want to ask, if you are losing a few grand at the tables the least they can do is have hot cocktail waitresses. >> it can be anywhere from a few to a few more. >> camille, while you are fine with with the borgada doing
8:41 pm
this, beauty comes in all sizes. but it seems like the whole point is they want the waitresses to stay the same and it doesn't say they were larger when they were hired. they fired two of the babes. one for gaining too much weight and one for losing too much weight. >> it makes sense. >> they don't want to buy new costumes. >> you said you take $300 when you go to vegas? >> i take more money than that. i reserve $300 for gambling. >> how long did that last you? >> those #r tips. >> for nana. >> one drink. >> i am done. >> time to take a break. the kiss cam when we come back.
8:42 pm
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use of a targeted therapy that was not considered for christine before. now, they're helping fight her cancer on another, deeper level... the genetic level. this is precision cancer treatment, an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. a jumbo wrong? they are ending the kiss cam joke some fans felt was homophobic. the team said they will no longer include two opposing players in the kiss cam. the campaign was largely lead by a fan who talked about the issue on huffington post
8:46 pm
live. >> the camera went to the dugout and showed two players and a heart. everyone willisen to a jumbo tron. you tell them to jump like a kanga reand you cheer and they cheer. the fans exploded in laughter. the only gag, the only joke is wouldn't it be funny if two male athletes are gay? >> he said while we intended to be lighthearted we unintentionally offended some. we apologize for doing so. our organization is wholly supportive of fostering such an environment at games. i was going to say i went to the game and i don't think it is an improvement. >> base ball season is the season of love. what can be greater than sharing america's pastime with the one you love. i can't think about it. >> me either.
8:47 pm
>> look at this. aren't they cute? >> they are so cute it is unbearable. and johnson is stepping up to the plate. >> that was cute. >> adorable. >> the mets acknowledge that this upset some people. what other people do you think? >> none people. he is trying to play it off like they will do whatever it says on the jumbotron. they burst into laughter, but it is funny the idea of two professional baseball players kissing them and putting them in an awkward position. it is funny. it is not about being homophobic. jeez, relax everyone. >> relax? do you think it will change the mood at the park? people were having fun before. >> this is why donald trump is number one in the polls.
8:48 pm
donald trump would not issue a statement that he intended to foster an inclusive environment. >> you're right. he is picking up the support of people who are afraid of this kind of complaining. >> i think he would follow through if he was on the kiss cam with another man, just do it. >> which is why you do this. you use the kiss cam on the players to see. are you man enough? there is nothing -- there is nothing in that that says what's wrong with you? you think there is something wrong with two guys kiss ?g. >> it is an equal opportunity. you are of onerring two men the opportunity. >> they can do it if they want to. >> the funny thing is they don't expect them to kiss. if they did kiss it would be weird. >> why don't we just leave it up to the players? if they want to kiss in the
8:49 pm
dug out, you don't have to. >> athon said i am not buying tickets anymore. you don't have to. or going the game and during the kiss cam get a beer. you will be in that line for a few minutes. >> i realized i can't kiss pepper the robot. >> if the camera wasn't on you -- >> not until you get the drill out. what is left? one of the last things we had as guys is heterosexual guys get together and we make gay jokes, right? >> there is something in heterosexual men that just -- it is funny to imagine that going on with your straight friends. it is funny to us. it doesn't mean we are going
8:50 pm
out gay bashing or trying to offend a group. it is just funny. ever since bugs bunny pops out of the rabbit hole and kissing elmer fud on the mouth. you can't legislate it away. we have to close things out with a questioned bile story. -- with a bedtime story. hat maker vincent brimble prospered in the town of hattington. never flashy, he only made the classic bowler. then suddenly the day's trend became preposterously tall. his raymond james financial advisor reminded him that focusing on the long term is always fashionable. the fad was indeed a passing one. his patience paid off, allowing him to one-day hang up his hat with confidence.
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your dead relatives hanging in your living room? then you're in luck. save my ink is a company that offers people the chance to pass on their tattoo to their loved ones after they have died. here is their ad. >> we are a community t community of men and women committed to the welfare of tattoo artists, collect ares anden enthusiasts. we developed a method of preserving skin art. you combine bequeath it like a house or wedding ring or other cherished possession so your loved ones won't have to worry about your legacy for generations to come. >> i know what i will get andy for christmas. camille, the founder said you wouldn't burn a picasso painting, so why would you destroy the art of a tattoo.
8:55 pm
your feeling? >> that is gross. i am against it. i will have myself pressed into one of the stones after i die and my wife will have to wear it around her neck. >> you wouldn't have it removed? >> you mean have it removed so she can put it on the wall? >> yes. what if she wanted it. >> if i die relatively young and she plans to marry again, then yes she can hang my skin on the wall to scare off or suitors. i don't want anyone to come after me. they may be better. >> i think this gross taking the tay the fews off and putting them on the wall. how about taking regular fletch and painting it. >> it reminds me of people who have their pet stuffed and placed in the home. i am glad we go the to the
8:56 pm
human part. >> i got the feeling there was a dad and they lost their dad and maybe he has a military tattoo. do you think there is legitimacy to hanging the tattoo on the wall? >> it is repulse 7. repulsive. i.. >> i could have sworn you pulled up that dog over here. >> it is a service for everything. this is the uber of the dead cat . my ex-wife's nipple piercing is my door bell. not that crazy. >> joe on, is it -- joanne is it something bad? >> i know it is gross, but i think this is sweet. you can see the kids in the commercial and you you are like -- >> totally creeped out. >> they get to keep that piece of their parent or relative or whatever it might be. the commercial shame on you
8:57 pm
for looking like an "snl" skit. >> if you grew up with flesh on your wall like i did, it would be accessible. that does it for me. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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thought i told you to stay off our turf. and what would you know about turf, skipper? let's end this here and now! let's dance! flo: whoa there! progressive covers boaand rvs, okay? plenty of policies to go around. [ grunts ]
9:00 pm
oh, oh, i'm the bad guy? you threw a fish at us, so, yeah. yeah. coverage for land and sea. now, that's progressive. i'm kind of excited to be here for reasons, not the least of which i've been allocated three times more time than i got during three hours of the cnn debate. >> right now on "justice," the gloves are off. mike huckabee, still angry about the cnn debate, joins me live from a campaign stop in iowa. plus, he was once the front-runner, former presidential candidate, herman cain, joins me with his take on the gop hopefuls, including the man at the front of the line. and a reality check. what can the next


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